Since 1989, the Arizona Chapter has sponsored approximately 100 lectures and activities throughout the state. Additionally, the Arizona Chapter hosted the 2004 and 2016 ARCE annual meetings in Tucson, and has hosted several tours to visit Egypt’s ancient monuments and cultures.

Other archaeological lectures and events are hosted throughout the state by our colleagues at the Archaeological Institute of America's Tucson & Southern Arizona Society and the Central Arizona Society (Phoenix/Tempe area).

Past Lectures Include (regrettably, not a complete list)

-Meghan E. Strong: "Uncovering Ancient Egyptian Illumination"
Abagail M. Breidenstein: "New Perspectives on Nubian Ancestry: Exploring the Nile Valley using Ancient Genomics"

- Leah Humphrey: "Analyzing the King's Identity in the Pyramid Texts"
-Abeer Amin and Nashwa El-Sherif: "Heritage Routes as a Competitive Advantage to the Egyptian Cultural Tourism Product"
-Joshua Roberson: "Practical Apotheosis: Becoming God and (De)Constructing the Afterlife in Egypt's New Kingdom"

-Laurel Bestock: "Continuity and Change in Religion at Abydos"
-Tori Finlayson: "Enemies in a Box: Execration Figures and Protective Magic"
- Catherine Foster: "Heritage in Peril: How International Agreements Protect and Preserve Archaeological Sites and Objects"

-Rita Lucarelli: "Demonology in Ancient Egypt"

-Heidi Köpp-Junk: "Travel in Ancient Egypt"
-Rebecca Caroli: "Turning Over a New Leaf: The utility of native tree species in constructing a dendrochronology for ancient Egypt"

-Thomas Schneider: "Egyptology and Nazi Germany: Ideology, Scholarship and Careers" (co-sponsored with the UA Egyptian Expedition and Hillel Foundation)
-Danielle Phelps (Annual Phoenix Lecture): "To Shake or Not To Shake: An New Interpretation of a Devastated Foreign Landscape Depicted at Luxor Temple"
- Misty Gruber: "From Amazon to Pharaoh: Is Cleopatra VII's Mother the Descendant of an Amazon?"

-Colleen Manassa Darnell: "Imagining the Past"
-Kathryn Cooney: "Hatshepsut: How a Woman Ascended the Throne of Egypt"
-Felix Hoeflmayer: "Egypt and the Ancient Near East in the Late third Millennium BC: C14, Chronology, and Climate Change"
-Hussein Bassir (Annual Phoenix Lecture): "The Archaeology of Bahariya Oasis, Egypt"
-Diana Craig Patch (A.N. Haury Fellow): "New Fieldwork at Malqata,The Festival City of Amenhotep III"

-Geoffrey Martin: “Reexamining the Royal Tomb of Horemheb in in the Valley of the Kings
-Sarah Parcak:
Mapping Ancient Egypt from Above
-Thomas Schneider: Egyptology during the Nazi Era
-John Bauschatz:Cops and Robbers, Egyptian Style: Police Work in Ptolemaic Egypt
-(Annual Phoenix Lecture) John Bauschatz:Cops and Robbers, Egyptian Style: Police Work in Ptolemaic Egyptin collaboration with Central Arizona Society of the Archaeological Institute of America

2012 2013
-Alison Futrell: “Cleopatra: Performing Divinity
-Nicholas Reeves: “An Intriguing Mechanical Figure from Ancient Egypt
-Emily Teeter: Crafts and Consumerism in the Predynastic Period”
-MaryAnn Marazzi: 
“Ecavation in the Valley of the Kings: An Update on the Work at KV-63"
-(Annual Phoenix Lecture) MaryAnn Marazzi: “Ecavation in the Valley of the Kings: An Update on the Work at KV-63" in collaboration with Central Arizona Society of the Archaeological Institute of America

2011 – 2012
-Mary Ownby: “Importance of Imports – Egypt and Levant”
-Catharine Roehrig: “A New Look At The Foundation Deposits From Pharaoh Hatshepsut’s Temple”
-Nigel Strudwick: “A Look At The People Of The Old Kingdom Through The Written Word”
-Pearce Paul Creasman: “Maritime Archaeology & Ancient Egypt”
-(Annual Phoenix Lecture) Pearce Paul Creasman: “Maritime Archaeology & Ancient Egypt” in collaboration with Central Arizona Society of the Archaeological Institute of America

2010 – 2011
-Barry Kemp: “Towards a Better Understanding of Amarna-Recent Research in the City and the Main Cemetery”
-Gonzalo Sanchez: “Identifying the Mythological Great Serpent Apophis”
-Panel: “Behind the Scenes – The True Reality of an Archaeological Dig
-Don Kunz: “Adventure in the Valley of the Kings: Search for & Discovery of KV5, Tomb of the Sons of Ramesses II”
-Ben Harer: “What Really Killed King Tut: The Hippo Heresy”
-Amy Newhall: “Cairo: Showpiece of Empires”

2009 – 2010
-Elena Pischikova: “Discoveries At The South Asasif Tombs At The Luxor West Bank Necropolis Egypt”
-Don Kunz: “Why Was The First Director Of The Louvre Removed From Office At The Point Of A Bayonet? (And, Why Does It Have Anything To Do With Ancient Egypt?)”
-Dina Aboul Saad: ARCE Informational
-Michael Jones: “Protecting Cultural Sites in a Living Environment - Balancing Conservation, Scholarship, Cultural Tourism, and the Interests of the People Living There Today”
-Pearce Paul Creasman: “Radar for the Lost Barque”

2008 – 2009
-Rainer Stadelman and Hourig Sourouzian: “Extraordinary Discoveries at the Colossi of Memnon Temple Site”
-Eugene Cruz-Uribe: “From the Valley of the Kings to Philae : Ancient and Modern Pilgrimages” 
-Suzanne Onstine: “Hathor: Egypt's Golden Goddess”
-Gonzalo Sanchez: “Battle of Kadesh, Directional Theory re. Battle Reliefs”

2007 – 2008
-Suzanne Onstine: “Recent Work in Dra Abu el-Naga: Theban Tomb 16, Pahnesy”

2006 – 2007
-Leonard Lesko: “New Discoveries About the Egyptian Book of the Dead”
-David Moyer: “Egypt Before the Pharaohs: The Rise of Civilization in the Nile Valley”

2005 – 2006
-Emily Teeter: “Tutankhamun Tours (1970 vs. 2005): politics, etc.”
-Abdrahman Salaheldin: “The American-Egyptian Relationship: Egypt's Role in the Peace Process” (co-sponsored by CMES, NES)
-Nancy Hoskins: “The Textiles of Tutankhamun”
-Lawrence Berman: “The Hay-Way Collection of Antiquities: A New Look at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts' First Important Gift of Art”

2004 – 2005
-Geoffrey Martin: “The Valley of the Kings: Prospects for Future Research”
-Kathlyn Cooney: “The Commodification of Death: Receipts and Coffins from Deir el-Medina”